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Knowing the prices of all special editions turns out to be a necessary task when we have in mind to play The Last of Us Part II

 The Lat of Us Part II is quite close and this leads us to want to know what the prices of all special editions are, since it is becoming time to decide on the special edition that we want to have, about counting on that this is a Exclusive game for PS4, because it is simply an adventure that cannot be overlooked, because while the first part is true, it captivated us, it can probably leave us even more stuck.

What are the prices of all special editions in The Last of Us Part II?

One of the things that has been most commented as soon as it was announced that a second part of the game would arrive is the possibility of having more than one version in stores, this means that we have the possibility of choosing the one that we consider best and that is more adapted to our economic conditions, because that is why here we are going to describe the prices of all special editions and they are as follows:

Standard Digital Edition.

 This is probably the most comfortable and economical version we can get, since it has a value of only 69.99 euros and we can get it digitally directly from the PlayStation Network store.
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Deluxe Digital Edition.

 This version of The Last of Us Part II has a somewhat higher value since it is 79.99 euros, it has some avatars, a small book of illustrations of only 48 pages of Dark Horse, some extras and the digital soundtrack.

The Standard Edition.

 This is also quite cheap because it has a value of 69.99 euros and we can get it with its box in physical stores.

Special edition.

 This version also has a slightly higher cost that oscillates around 89.99 euros and brings with it the boxed physical game with some additional elements that include the metal box, some digital extras and obviously the Dark Horse mini book with the 48 pages .

Collector's Edition.

 If you are one of those who want the game to keep it as a collectible since the prices of all special editions should not be an impediment since this has a value of 179.99 euros, it is the most complete version that we can get on the market, bring with him:

  •  Some stickers.
  • A mini picture book.
  • A metal box.
  • A lithograph.
  • An elite bracelet.
  • A letter of thanks from Naughty Dog.
  • An elite figure of 30 centimeters.
  • Six enameled pins.

What can we say about the Ellie Edition of The Last of Us Part II?

We already know the versions that will come out in just a couple of weeks, but when we spoke at first about this second installment, we had commented on the Ellie version, but everything indicates that this will be limited for certain countries, as an example where it is not planned that can arrive is Spain.

What are the rewards for booking The Last of Us Part II?

Booking this game allows us to access some gifts by counting the possibilities of having bought it in one of these stores.


  •  Amazon: Allows us access to the limited edition metal case.
  • FNAC: We can get through this reservation the ring for the mobile phone where the game stamp appears.
  • Game: we get an elite reversible poster the ammunition capacity improved the creations manual a coupon of 10 euros that can be used to buy Ghost of Tsushima.
  • PlayStation Store: It is only possible to get digital versions here, this implies having the creations manual, Ellie's tattoo avatar for use on PSN and the improved ammunition capacity.
  • Xtralife: It is possible to get a set of badges corresponding to The Last of Uss Part II.

 In general terms, knowing the prices of all special editions is simply feasible, since we can know which one can best suit our tastes or our budget, since enjoying The Last of Us Part II is simply a phenomenal experience.

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