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Find out Where to find Jack O Lantern in GTA Online in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about Jack O Lantern in GTA Online?

With the start of the Halloween event we have to add a DLC for a limited time, which adds many elements of terror, these being Jack O Lantern that will be all over the map, now due to their tiny size it can be complex to find these, and it is therefore, seeking to know how to find them, we can guide ourselves with the following content, let's see.

Where to find Jack O Lantern in GTA Online?

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    About 200 Jack O Lantern locations can be found around Los Santos and Blaine County, in alleys, beaches, houses and different strange places, being opportune to collect them to access interesting rewards, we get daily bonuses when getting 10 Jack O Lantern, when we do it we will also add $50,000 and to the unlocking of a terror mark, using the GTA Lens we can access the locations of all of them present on the map.

    While these pumpkins are presented over time, we can get it again, only that they will not always have what we expect in their content, it should be noted that it has a Trick-

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