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2022-10-13 10:59:48

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Today we bring a guide where we will explain how to activate Solar Orbs Quest in Coral Island.

What is the point of activating Solar Orbs Quest in Coral Island?

Having the opportunity to restore and carry out a coral reef cleaning process, this is part of the missions that this game has and for which we must learn to dive because once we know how to do it we can receive this task, this It allows us to work on tasks that offer us the possibility of knowing more about the island.

How to activate Solar Orbs Quest in Coral Island?

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It is necessary to know how to dive to launch us on this search, this mechanic is usually learned after talking to the marine biologist named Ling, and he is usually in charge of giving us advice, in addition to the necessary equipment to dive in depth.

It becomes necessary to complete the quest and once we have done it we must wait a bit and then progress until we receive a letter issued by Ling, this involves going to the dock to talk to Ling and activate the ocean quest to acquire the equipment as well as croquettes of the dive bot to proceed down through the ladder and reach the bottom of the ocean.

Being at the bottom we will see a structure that is usually surrounded by garbage and this must be cleaned to get the solar orb that allows the structure to be activated, this implies using the sickle to collect the debris.

We must clean the entire area to be able to continue, this is because a clean area is required to make the structure work, it should be noted that every time we clean we will use the resistance, so we must be attentive to it.

It is important to keep in mind that the solar orb is necessary to activate the stone structure, to pick it up we need to press the right mouse button and swim to the stone structure, by doing so we manage to activate the beam that takes out a radiant pillar, and it radiates its healing properties with which we restore coral reefs.

We must restore five times, this involves finding a total of 5 stone structures and cleaning the debris from the bottom of the ocean completely.

In this sense, knowing how to activate Solar Orbs Quest in Coral Island offers us the opportunity to apply some cleaning tasks and that's it.

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