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With our GTA Online guide you will learn more about How to complete smuggler sell missions.

What to know about GTA Online?

We have the possibility of accessing the contents that were presented in previous years, so if we want more entertainment, it is possible to enter missions such as those for the sale of contraband, one in particular that was presented in 2017 are those of charge Seel, which consists of carrying out the transport of material through the air, but it is something that is received randomly, depending on the class of cargo that we achieve deliveries is that the bonus will depend, now it is appropriate that we know How to complete smuggler sell missions and in the following content will be the orientation in this regard.

How to complete smuggler sell missions in GTA Online?

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  • Mogul: in relation to How to complete smuggler sales missions here, 2 pilots are required, one being to make 5 different drops of the product and the other to take care of the turret, being in the mission we will be told that there are some policemen following some helicopters, so our gunner must focus on them.
  • Bombushka: this time 2 pilots are required, a gunner who will employ 3 different turrets in him and another who must launch the load in different places, it must be borne in mind that the Bombushka is well armored, so it will become resistant to a lot of firepower at GTA Online, the distance from the launch site is a considerable distance from the target, the places we have to keep an eye on them.
  • Cargobob: in this mission we have to use the hook, with this we have to take and leave the load in different places, we are going to put it on the platform of a truck, after doing it correctly a cut scene is presented, the places will be close to each other, something opportune because of Cargobob's slowness.
  • Skylift: in this one a single place of delivery is presented, only that the location becomes about 7 miles away, we have to take the cargo to a boat or to the floats, the Skylift itself is too slow at GTA Online.
  • Havok: in multiple helicopters the load will be divided, with the help of a pilot we must direct it to the narrow places of the construction areas and the underpasses that the bridges have, we must use a couple of helicopters for this, being in an only trip that we do both deliveries.
  • Alpha-Z1: for this mission the number of stops are many for any contraband, being necessary to go through 20 places to deliver that are shared with our crew, once we are close to the place of delivery the rest is automatically, so this is ideal to keep in mind on How to Complete Smuggler Sell Missions.
  • Seabreeze: it is necessary that this be piloted to a series of different places to carry out the delivery on land or in water with tugboats, taking into account how much we will get to be chased by fighter planes and that they seek to shoot us down.
  • Hunter: we have in the game the most powerful artillery in these helicopters, which helps us to clear areas to leave the product without problems, something that will make us very comfortable when defending some area and completing the mission.

It is clear that knowing how to complete smuggler sail missions allows us to have more fun in GTA Online, a very busy game.

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