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GTA Online has formidable weapons and this allows us to talk to you about how to unlock the combat shotgun

What is the combat shotgun in GTA Online?

  The most recent DLC of this game focuses on Cayo Perico and this makes us deal with a number of activities where it is vital to be properly equipped, and precisely this combat shotgun is simply a necessary weapon that we find in addition to being new, It is a powerful device that is often helpful in robberies.
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    How to unlock the combat shotgun in GTA Online?

    It is necessary to understand that this weapon is good to unlock soon because it is usually of great help during the robbery in Cayo Perico, so it is necessary to mobilize a little until we reach the complex of several buildings, since this weapon is usually found in the middle of them in u enclosure called El Rubio and this occurs at the southern end of the island.

    Our job as soon as we see this weapon is to get closer to it and proceed to interact with it, since it is the correct way to incorporate it into our inventory, as this weapon has some particular characteristics, such as:


    •  There is the possibility of being bought in an Ammu-Nation store in Los Santos.
    • There is the possibility to claim it and collect it during the robbery.
    • Buying it requires us to have a considerable sum of money, as this implies that its value is $295,000.
    • This shotgun is one of our best bets to make up the arsenal.


    In this way we can conclude this guide on How to unlock the combat shotgun, because at the end of everything GTA Online offers us a lot of work to do in its most recent DLC.

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