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Although the arrival of Back 4 Blood is still far away, it is necessary to prepare ourselves and this allows us to tell you how to drop items, let's see.

What is the purpose of dropping items in Back 4 Blood?

Although it is true that we still do not have complete information on this game, it is worth mentioning that there is the possibility of finding some items and resources that can be vital so that everyone can have the same opportunity, the detail is that they are usually a little complicated to get, because at least to date we only get one, and it is the "Closed Alpha", and therefore it is only possible to talk about it, we just hope that little by little we can get others and in this way update this guide.
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    How to drop items in Back 4 Blood?

    To drop items you need:

    •   Press TAB on our PC to reveal the inventory.
    • Once we do this, it is possible to see our weapons, offensive and support equipment, as well as our copper reserves as well as the types of ammunition.
    • In the case of copper and ammunition, it is necessary to use the left mouse button, since with this it is possible to drop a quantity of 50 of said item.
    • In the case of wanting to drop everything we have of these articles, it is necessary to click with the right mouse button
    • Once we have clicked the mouse button, our character will be in charge of throwing the item we have chosen and our colleagues will have the possibility of picking it up without having any additional expense.

      Now that you know how to drop items it is time to wait for new information about Back 4 Blood to emerge and thus be properly prepared for its arrival.

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