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for today we are preparing a GTA Online after hours payout guide that will be very useful.

What are after hours payments at GTA Online?

Before going directly to the after hours payment guide, you have to know that in order to start your own nightclub you will have to fork out a large amount of money to start, but you will also have to keep the incoming money to be able to maintain the business .

In this sense and fortunately there are several ways to get money after hours, so this guide to payments after hours from GTA Online is all you needed to find.

GTA Online after hours payout guide.

To start this GTA Online after hours payment guide, we will start by telling you that as we mentioned before, in the game there are many ways to get money, that's why in this GTA Online after hours payment guide, all highlighted so that you know frequencies are accommodated more to you.

GTA Online After Hours Payment Guide - Ways to Make Money.

  • Disco Popularity.

The first thing to keep in mind if you want to make money is to ensure that your club is as popular as possible, this will attract more clients which translates into more money to receive. This will also allow you to decrease the time and so you will have to keep an eye on it and make sure not to drop it too much.
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    Each percentile of the following popularity will you like to earn money in the following way:

    • Increase in popularity.

    To increase your popularity and keep it that way, you'll want to do a few things:

    • Side missions.

    Completing side missions will allow you to increase the popularity of it, fortunately these are easy to complete.

    • Hiring.

    This will allow you to hire staff for the club and improve it in order to maintain its popularity, among them you can hire security personnel, equipment improvements and personnel. This will also allow you to reduce the rate of popularity loss, in addition to avoiding raids and producing more supplies.

    • DJ exchange.

    This will allow you to keep things fresh and keep people coming back.

    • Buy marketing.

    Marketing will allow you to make an investment of $ 10,000 and get 10 percent more popularity, while the maximum increase of 100 percent requires an investment of $ 100,000.

    • Taking out vans.

    In the city you can find vans from other players' nightclubs, which you can destroy to help your club, although in themselves, these do not add much popularity and it is best to dedicate this time to your own missions.

    • Business battles.

    These are basically free activities with rival companies that compete to secure a shipment from a random location on the map, which will allow you to generate income.

    • Price of admission.

    Establishing entry fees for your club will allow you to obtain a little income from the players who enter and although it does not generate too much income, it is recommended to activate it.

    • Consolidate your business.

    With this function you will be able to manage most of the businesses you have in one place and in this way increase your profits.

    • Storage of supplies.

    If you keep all your business supplies in the club's warehouse you can improve their management, here there is a total capacity of 72 boxes.

    • Technicians.

    The technicians will generate the supplies you need for any product automatically so you can have them all. You can hire up to five technicians, which is priced at $ 878,000.

    • Bring the money.

    Consolidate your businesses in the same place, it will allow you to get money quickly and in this way you can keep your club active.

    Below we list the businesses you can do and the production time as well as the amount produced:

    South American Imports, you get $ 10,000 / hour and the production time is 20 hours.

    Sporting goods, you get $ 7,000 / hour and the production time is 20 hours.

    Organic production, you get $ 4,500 / hour and the production time is 26.66 hours.

    Pharma research, you get $ 8,500 / hour and the production time is 20 hours.

    Loading and Shipping, you get $ 8,750 / hour and the production time is 58.33 hours.

    Creation of cash, you get $ 7,000 / hour and the production time is 20 hours.

    Printing and copies, you get $ 4,000 / hour and the production time is 15 hours.

    • Special orders.

    These special orders will allow you to get more products and supplies, although the bonus is 5 percent worth completing.

    • Technical - Free.
    • Technician - $ 141,000.
    • Technical - $ 184,500.
    • Technical - $ 240,500.
    • Technician - $ 312,000.

    This is how our GTA Online out-of-hours payment guide ends, we hope that it could have been as useful as possible for you and that you have managed to get the most out of it, remember that like this GTA Online after hours payout guide, we have many more items that will be very useful in the game.

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