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  • Queen Bladnid: the moment we get to this quest by completing the one corresponding to the battle for the red spears, we have to talk here with the captain of the red forest to discover that Siora's mother has died, now at the end of this mission we have to give the option of dialogue to instruct the farewell with her mother to Siora.
  • The promises engraved in stones: access to this mission is once we complete the test of the water, here it is required to locate Caradeg who is hidden through the stone inscriptions of Falrihistel, what we will do is a rejection of bribery and give Siora the logical choice of dialogue.
  • The farewell of the Queen: we arrive here once the mission of the promises engraved in stone has culminated, in this we have that Siora asks De Sardet to support the funeral work, using her artisan qualities in the elaboration of objects and finish with some enemies, we just have to make the choice of dialogue that focuses on the priority of its people, achieving that the Minudhanem achievement is presented on the screen after that, which allows us to have a momentum in force at the end, at the time of To woo her we have that De Sardet becomes a man or a woman, so the chosen sex is not a factor.

 We can conclude that knowing how to romance Siora is easier for us once we have seen these details, so we must apply them and progress while having fun in GreedFall.

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