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Discover Where to Find Lumitoiles in Genshin Impact. Maximize your game experience with our detailed guide today.

In the vast world of Genshin Impact, Lumitoiles are a valuable resource that can enhance your gameplay experience. With a total of 59 Lumitoiles available in a 3-day environment cycle, this guide will help you locate them efficiently. Let's dive in!

Mount Esus East (17 Lumitoile)

Mount Esus East is a sub-region in the world of Genshin Impact, known for its breathtaking landscapes and hidden treasures. To begin your Lumitoile hunt in this area, it is essential to explore both above and underwater areas.

When exploring the above-ground areas, keep an eye out for glowing blue flowers scattered throughout the region. These flowers are a telltale sign that Lumitoiles are nearby. Search in the vicinity of these flowers, and you are likely to find Lumitoiles.

In addition to above-ground areas, you should also explore underwater locations. Dive into the sparkling lakes and rivers of Mount Esus East, and you may stumble upon Lumitoiles hidden beneath the surface. Remember to switch to your character's swimming mode to fully explore these underwater areas.

To access the Lumitoiles in Mount Esus East efficiently, follow these detailed directions:

  • 1. Start at the Teleport Waypoint located in the central part of the sub-region.
  • 2. Head east towards the first group of Lumitoiles. They can be found on a small island surrounded by water.
  • 3. Continue south along the shoreline until you reach another group of Lumitoiles near a rocky outcrop.
  • 4. From there, head west towards the lake. Dive into the lake and explore underwater to find more Lumitoiles.
  • 5. Finally, make your way towards the northwestern corner of Mount Esus East, where you'll find the last group of Lumitoiles.

New Fontaine Research Institute (36 Lumitoile)

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The New Fontaine Research Institute is another hotspot for Lumitoiles in Genshin Impact. Located on the western shore of a beautiful lake, this area offers a significant number of Lumitoiles waiting to be discovered.

To optimize your Lumitoile farming route in this sub-region, it is advisable to start by collecting Lumitoiles along the shores of the New Fontaine Research Institute. These Lumitoiles are scattered along the sandy beaches and rocky cliffs surrounding the lake.

Once you have collected the Lumitoiles on the surface, it's time to dive into the depths of the lake. Look for an underwater cave system located in the southwestern part of the lake. This cave system contains an additional 7 hidden Lumitoiles.

To reach the underwater cave's Waypoint, follow these tips:

  • 1. Swim towards the western shore of the lake until you find a small island.
  • 2. Dive into the water next to the island and swim towards the southwest corner of the lake.
  • 3. Look for a small opening in the rock formation underwater. Enter the cave system through this opening.
  • 4. Inside the cave, swim downwards until you find the Waypoint. Activate it to make future visits to the cave more convenient.

Central Laboratory Ruins (5 Lumitoile)

Located in the east-most part of the sub-region, the Central Laboratory Ruins is another area where Lumitoiles can be found. This area offers a peaceful and serene environment, perfect for those seeking a calm adventure.

To access the Lumitoiles in the Central Laboratory Ruins efficiently, start at the Teleport Waypoint located in the eastern part of the sub-region. From there, head west towards the ruins.

Explore the ruins both above-ground and underwater to find the Lumitoiles. They can be found in various nooks and crannies, so make sure to thoroughly search the area.

Optimizing Your Lumitoile Farming Route

To optimize your Lumitoile farming route and gather all 59 Lumitoiles efficiently, follow these steps:

  • 1. Start by collecting Lumitoiles near the New Fontaine Research Institute's shores. Search along the sandy beaches and rocky cliffs for the scattered Lumitoiles.
  • 2. After collecting the Lumitoiles on the surface, dive into the lake and head towards the underwater cave system's Waypoint. Collect the hidden Lumitoiles inside the cave.
  • 3. Once you have collected all the Lumitoiles in the New Fontaine Research Institute area, proceed to Mount Esus East. Explore both above-ground and underwater areas to find the remaining Lumitoiles.
  • 4. Finally, make your way to the Central Laboratory Ruins. Thoroughly search both above-ground and underwater locations to find the remaining Lumitoiles.

By following this friendly guide, you'll be able to gather all 59 Lumitoiles efficiently within the least amount of time. Remember, exploration is key! Happy hunting, fellow travelers!

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