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Find out Where to Find All Veluriyam Mirage Luxurious Chests in Genshin Impact and what rewards.

Genshin Impact is an immersive open-world game that offers players an array of exciting quests and hidden treasures to discover. One such treasure hunt is the search for the Veluriyam Mirage Luxurious Chests. These chests are scattered throughout the mystical region of Veluriyam Mirage and contain valuable rewards for dedicated players. In this guide, we will explore the various locations where these chests can be found, providing you with a comprehensive walkthrough to help you in your search.

First Location: Capturing the Light and Shadow Quest

To begin your journey, you must first complete the "Capturing the Light and Shadow" quest. This quest will unlock access to the first location where you can find one of the Veluriyam Mirage Luxurious Chests. Once the quest is complete, you will need to meet certain requirements to access the location. These requirements may include reaching a certain Adventure Rank or completing specific quests.

Once you have met the requirements, you can use the Choo-Choo Rail to reach a mysterious cave where the first chest is located. Navigate through the cave, being careful of any enemies or obstacles that may stand in your way. Along the way, you may also need to unseal the remaining streaming projectors to progress further into the cave and ultimately reach the chest.

Second Location: Reaching the Top

The second location where you can find a Veluriyam Mirage Luxurious Chest requires some climbing skills. You will need to utilize a grapple point to access the top of a tall structure. Be prepared for challenges or obstacles along the way, such as strong winds or crumbling platforms. Overcoming these challenges will lead you to the chest, filled with enticing rewards.

Third Location: Choo-Choo Train Track

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To find the third Veluriyam Mirage Luxurious Chest, you need to embark on a series of tasks. Firstly, you must complete three Haddo Time Trials, which will test your speed and agility. Once completed, you can change the Choo-Choo Cart's location to the Desert in Southwest. This change in location will unlock access to a new area where you will face three challenges. Completing these challenges will bring you closer to the third chest and the rewards it holds.

Fourth Location: Returning Curios Quest

The fourth location where you can find a Veluriyam Mirage Luxurious Chest is tied to the "Returning Curios" quest. As part of this quest, you will need to interact with Idyia, who will guide you through the location. Expect unique aspects or difficulties in this location that will challenge your problem-solving skills. Persevere, and you will be rewarded with the fourth chest.

Final Location: Following the Map and Interacting with the Painting

The final Veluriyam Mirage Luxurious Chest awaits those who can successfully follow a map and interact with a painting. This location may be the most challenging to find, but with the right tips and clues, you will be able to uncover its hidden secrets. Keep an eye out for any challenges or clues associated with the painting, as they will guide you to the ultimate reward.

In conclusion, the Veluriyam Mirage Luxurious Chests in Genshin Impact offer players an exciting treasure hunt filled with valuable rewards. By following this guide and exploring the various locations, you will be well-equipped to find all the chests and claim their treasures for yourself. So gear up, embark on this adventure, and enjoy the thrill of discovering these hidden gems in the mystical world of Genshin Impact.

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