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Explore Where To Find All The Viewpoints In Inazuma in Genshin Impact and enhance your gameplay. Unveil the city's beauty with our insider's guide.

Inazuma, the latest region in Genshin Impact, is a vast and beautiful land full of breathtaking views waiting to be discovered. From serene shrines to scenic villages, there are plenty of viewpoints for players to explore. In this guide, we'll provide you with a list of all the viewpoints in Inazuma and where to find them. So grab your Traveler's Handbook and let's embark on an adventure!

Inazuma is the highly anticipated region in the world of Teyvat, and players have been eagerly awaiting its release in Genshin Impact. With its unique Japanese-inspired architecture, stunning landscapes, and intriguing lore, Inazuma is a must-visit destination for any adventurer. But beyond its captivating aesthetics and engaging story, Inazuma also offers a plethora of viewpoints that allow players to immerse themselves in the beauty and grandeur of this new region.

Where To Find All The Viewpoints In Inazuma in Genshin Impact

 Ritou - Western Teleport Waypoint

Your exploration of Inazuma begins at the western teleport waypoint in Ritou. As you arrive, you'll be greeted by an awe-inspiring viewpoint that offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape. From here, you can see the vast expanse of ocean stretching out before you, with the sun setting in the distance, casting a warm golden glow over the land. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature and the sense of adventure that awaits you.

 Grand Narukami Shrine

Continue your journey to the Grand Narukami Shrine, a place of great significance in Inazuma. As you ascend the steps leading to the shrine, you'll come across another captivating viewpoint. Marvel at the majestic architecture of the shrine while enjoying sweeping views of Inazuma. From here, you can see the sprawling cityscape of Inazuma City, with its towering buildings and bustling streets. It's a sight that truly encapsulates the essence of this vibrant region.

Chinju Forest

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Venture into Chinju Forest, a serene and enchanting place nestled within the heart of Inazuma. As you explore the lush greenery, you'll stumble upon a hidden viewpoint that offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. Take a moment to appreciate the tranquility and natural beauty that surrounds you. The forest is alive with the sound of chirping birds and rustling leaves, creating a sense of peace and serenity.

South Byakko Plain

As you make your way through South Byakko Plain, keep an eye out for a special viewpoint that grants breathtaking vistas of the open fields and rolling hills. From here, you can see the vast expanse of land stretching out before you, with wildflowers swaying gently in the breeze. It's a sight that evokes a sense of freedom and adventure, reminding you of the vastness and beauty of the world around you.

Inazuma City

Explore the bustling streets and towering buildings of Inazuma City, but don't forget to visit its viewpoint! Located high above the city, this viewpoint offers a bird's-eye view of the cityscape in all its glory. From here, you can see the intricate details of the buildings, the hustle and bustle of the streets below, and the sparkling lights that illuminate the city at night. It's a sight that showcases the vibrant energy and modernity of Inazuma City.

South Kujou Encampment

Head towards South Kujou Encampment, a military base nestled in the mountains of Inazuma. As you reach the encampment, you'll be greeted by yet another awe-inspiring viewpoint. From here, you can admire the encampment and its surroundings, with the mountains towering in the distance and the sound of wind whistling through the valleys. It's a sight that instills a sense of strength and resilience, reminding you of the courage and determination of the people of Inazuma.

Nazuchi Beach

Take a stroll along Nazuchi Beach and find solace in a secluded viewpoint that offers picturesque sights of the crashing waves against rocky cliffs. From here, you can witness the power and beauty of the ocean, with waves crashing against the shore and seagulls soaring overhead. It's a sight that evokes a sense of tranquility and reminds you of the ever-changing nature of the world.

 Musoujin Gorge

In the depths of Musoujin Gorge lies a hidden viewpoint waiting to be discovered. Traverse through this rugged terrain, maneuvering through treacherous cliffs and roaring rivers, and be rewarded with an unforgettable view. From here, you can see the imposing cliffs towering above you, with waterfalls cascading down their sides and mist swirling around their peaks. It's a sight that showcases the raw power and beauty of nature.

 Higi Village

Make your way to Higi Village, a traditional settlement nestled in the mountains of Inazuma. As you explore the winding streets and quaint houses, don't forget to visit the viewpoint nearby. From here, you can admire the village's unique architecture against a backdrop of natural beauty. The houses are adorned with intricate wooden carvings, and the surrounding mountains provide a sense of protection and serenity.

 East Bourou Village

Continue your exploration by visiting East Bourou Village, a quaint and charming village nestled in the forests of Inazuma. As you wander through the village, you'll find another captivating viewpoint. Capture the essence of this village and its surrounding landscapes, with its traditional houses, lush greenery, and the sound of babbling brooks. It's a sight that transports you to a simpler time, where nature and community are at the heart of life.

 North Bourou Village

North Bourou Village is home to yet another stunning viewpoint that offers breathtaking views of the village and its serene surroundings. As you stand at this viewpoint, you can see the village nestled in a valley, with fields of rice paddies stretching out before you. The air is filled with the scent of freshly harvested crops, and the sound of laughter and conversation can be heard in the distance. It's a sight that reminds you of the harmony between humans and nature.


Last but not least, venture towards Seiraimaru, a coastal area known for its rugged cliffs and crashing waves. Here, you'll uncover a hidden viewpoint that grants panoramic vistas of this breathtaking landscape. Let the sound of crashing waves accompany your contemplation as you stand at this viewpoint, witnessing the power and beauty of the ocean. It's a sight that evokes a sense of awe and wonder, reminding you of the vastness and mystery of the world.

Additional Viewpoints

Apart from these main viewpoints, there are several other locations in Inazuma where you can find additional views. These include the teleport waypoints in the Kannazuka region, Nazuchi Beach, Musoujin Gorge, Higi Village, East Bourou Village, Northeast Koseki Village, and East Koseki Village. Each of these locations offers its own unique charm and breathtaking scenery, adding to the richness and diversity of Inazuma.

Inazuma is a treasure trove of viewpoints, each offering its own unique charm and breathtaking scenery. From peaceful shrines to bustling cityscapes, there's something for every adventurer to discover. So grab your glider, follow our guide, and make sure to capture these awe-inspiring views on your journey through Inazuma! Happy exploring!

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