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Discover Where to Find All Lumitoiles In Genshin Impact with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Genshin Impact, where Lumitoiles, the sought-after blue-glowing magic starfish, hold the key to unlocking certain quests and upgrading Neuvillette. In this friendly guide, we will show you exactly where to find all the Lumitoiles you need to progress in the game.

Where to Find All Lumitoiles In Genshin Impact

Northwestern Part of Fontaine

To begin your Lumitoile hunt, head to the northwestern part of Fontaine. This area is known for its beautiful coastal landscapes, including the shores of the Liffey and the Fontaine Research Institute. It is in these areas that Lumitoiles can often be found.

Explore the beaches, shallows, and even the underwater metallic buildings in this region. Keep an eye out for the distinct blue glow of the Lumitoiles, as they can be easily missed if you're not paying attention. Collect as many as you can find in this area before moving on to the next location.

Mont Esus East

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For an efficient Lumitoile farming experience, make your way to Mont Esus East. This region is located to the east of Mont Esus and offers a plethora of Lumitoile farming opportunities.

Explore the northern shores of Mont Esus East and collect any Lumitoiles you encounter along the way. The beaches and rocky areas in this region are known to be hotspots for Lumitoiles, so make sure to thoroughly explore these areas.

After collecting Lumitoiles from the northern shores, head towards the water east of the Fatui camp. This area often holds hidden treasures, including Lumitoiles, so be sure to search thoroughly before moving on to the next location.

New Fontaine Research Institute Area

Continue your Lumitoile hunt by making your way to the New Fontaine Research Institute area. Start at the northernmost Teleport Waypoint and begin collecting Lumitoiles from there.

Follow the coastline south until you reach a broken bridge. This area is known for its abundant Lumitoile spawns, so take your time exploring and collecting as many as you can find.

To further your journey, traverse through the waterways of the Fontaine Research Institute. The underwater structures and hidden caves in this area often hold Lumitoiles, so be sure to explore every nook and cranny.

Respawn Time

It's important to keep in mind that collecting Lumitoiles requires patience, as they have a respawn time of 48 real-world hours. This means that once you have collected all the Lumitoiles in a certain area, you will need to wait for them to respawn before you can collect them again.

To maximize your Lumitoile farming efficiency, plan your farming sessions accordingly. Keep track of when you last collected Lumitoiles in each area to ensure that you don't waste time revisiting areas where they have not yet respawned.

Farming Lumitoiles can be a rewarding but time-consuming endeavor in Genshin Impact. By following this friendly guide, you now know exactly where to find all the Lumitoiles you need for upgrading Neuvillette. Remember to begin your Lumitoile hunt in the northwestern part of Fontaine, explore the shores of Mont Esus East, venture into the New Fontaine Research Institute area, and be patient with the 48-hour respawn time.

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