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 How to get Light Guiding Tetrahedron in Genshin Impact, you can find out how here.

If you’ve been playing Genshin Impact for a while, you’ve most likely seen the Light Guiding Tetrahedrons mentioned. But what exactly are they and why do you need them? Light Guiding Tetrahedrons are special items which can be used to upgrade weapons, characters, and artifacts in Genshin Impact. They are essential if you want to reach the highest levels of power and progress further in the game. 

How to Locate the Tomb Guard of the Desert King

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In order to get your hands on Light Guiding Tetrahedrons, you’ll need to locate the Tomb Guard of the Desert King. The Tomb Guard is a powerful boss located in the Liyue Region which you will have to defeat in order to obtain the Light Guiding Tetrahedrons. 

Before you can enter the Tomb Guard’s Lair, you’ll need to complete a few prerequisite tasks. These include reaching Adventure Rank 20 and completing the Archon Quest “The Origin of Storms”. Once you’ve met these requirements, you can find the Tomb Guard in the Liyue Region, just north of the entrance to Qingce Village. 

How to Defeat the Tomb Guard of the Desert King

  • Requirements for Successful Defeat: In order to defeat the Tomb Guard of the Desert King, you will need a Level 80/90 Ganyu Freeze Team, including Ganyu, Ayaka, Kokomi and Kazuha. This team should be able to succeed at World Level 8.
  • Time Frame for Successful Defeat: Our team was successful in defeating the Tomb Guard of the Desert King in two and a half minutes at World Level 8. This will depend on your team’s level and how quickly you can react to the various attacks.
  • Tips for Success: When fighting the Tomb Guard, it’s important to spread out your characters to minimize damage taken. Ganyu should be the main DPS and focus on using Cryo attacks to freeze and slow down the enemy. Ayaka should be the main healer and be sure to use her Elemental Burst to heal the party. Kokomi and Kazuha should focus on crowd control and use their Elemental Bursts to Disperse and Paralyze the enemy.
Light Guiding Tetrahedrons are essential if you want to reach the highest levels of power in Genshin Impact. In order to obtain them, you’ll have to locate the Tomb Guard of the Desert King and defeat him. This can be challenging, so make sure that your team has the right combination of characters, weapons, and artifacts, and time your attacks correctly. With the right strategy, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Light Guiding Tetrahedrons and take your game to the next level.

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