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2022-10-05 09:59:49

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We keep talking about failures and that is why today we will tell you How to Fix Genshin Impact Payment Failed Error .

What is payment refused error in Genshin Impact?

  This is an inconvenience that we have in this game and that does not allow us to have the possibility of buying cosmetics, rare items and packages that may be available, for our good fortune there is a fix for this error, it is necessary to apply it because it is precisely this a game where we have the ability to buy some coins and items.

How to Fix Genshin Impact Payment Failed Error ?

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  • Check if the error comes from the developers or the bank.
  • Choose to complete the transaction on our mobile or on another platform other than the one we are using to play.
  • Make use of a different platform to execute the purchase and finalize the transaction, in the case of playing on mobile phones or we can use PC or console or vice versa.
  • In the case of playing on PS we can execute some payment using PS store credit or buy items with the PS credit card.
  • Try with a debit or credit card, this in order to verify if the problem is our card.


 It is necessary to take into account that there are some card declination problems, such is the case of:

  •  unknown error
  • Bank detecting suspicious activity
  • Card payment limit.


 It should be noted that the most important thing is to enter the correct card credentials and this is part of this problem or errors that may occur and we are generating them ourselves.

We can conclude this guide on How to Fix Genshin Impact Payment Failed Error , so it will only be enough to apply one of these solutions and that's it.

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