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Today we are going to tell you how to use visions to find Starsplinter Iron in Genshin Impact, so keep an eye on what we have in this article.

What are the visions in Genshin Impact for?

It is used in order to find Starsplinter Iron as part of the missions that you must complete, and although the game tells you that you need it, it does not give you details of how and where to get it.

How to use visions to find Starsplinter Iron in Genshin Impact?

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You should know that the Elemental Vision will not help you, although the vision that gives your characters their elemental power will shine brightly when you are near the Starsplinter Iron, although it will not help you to get the Starsplinter Iron, because the vision will only start to shine when you are very close, in addition to that the iron is in high places and you only need to collect two pieces only.

The area where you can search for it is marked with a yellow circle on its mini map. First you must is climb the huge and long rock outcrop. To get through the upper area, the first piece of Starsplinter Iron. Then you are going to look at the main cliff from the other side of you, where is another piece up there. You can also slide to go to the cliff and you can climb the rest of the way.

 After introducing you this guide on how to use visions to find Starsplinter Iron in Genshin Impact, we hope you can use visions to find star chip iron and collect the amount you require.

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