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With the most recent update of Genshin Impact, you will want to know how to leave Enkanomiya and this guide will tell you what to do about it.

What is Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact?

This is a new area introduced to the game with update 2.4, which is related to a completely different map. So there are many users who still do not know how to leave Enkanomiya. This new area is located under the island of Watasumi, so it does not belong to the same map as the rest of the regions.

How to leave Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact?

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If you're wondering how to leave Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact it's a pretty straightforward process, first you have to open the minimap shortcut> select the available region in Teyvat> use the waypoint to teleport using the map shortcut button. To access it, you will have to press the star symbol at the bottom right of the screen.

How to leave Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact? - Teyvat

Previously, the previous button only included "Teyvat", "Serenitea Pot" and a special area, but with the arrival of this latest update, Teyvat is divided into existing regions, making it much easier to get around.

That's all you need to know about how to leave Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact, so now that you know how to get out of this new area, we hope you can go through it thoroughly until you get out to come back whenever you want.

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