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We continue traveling Genshin Impact and it is convenient to tell you where to find Sandbearer Wood, let's see.

What is the Sandbearer Wood used for in Genshin Impact?

This game offers us the possibility of embarking on searches for resources that can be used well, in this sense, Sandbearer Wood is usually an interesting resource for the construction process in our houses, although it is true, it can become somewhat difficult to find it , the final result is very satisfactory, especially considering that when finding it this can occur in considerable quantities.

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    Where to find Sandbearer Wood in Genshin Impact?

     It is necessary to go on a search that will take us to the Liyue area, specifically we must locate ourselves in Mount Tianheng, or in the southeast of the Lingju pass, there we will see some considerable amount of trees with dark trunks and leaves with an autumnal aspect, at the To get to the place it is necessary to start the wood harvesting process and for this we must use our weapon and proceed to cut some pieces, after they can fall we proceed to the next tree, as we must have a good amount of wood.

    With the wood in our possession, it is necessary to embark on a construction process, because to this it is necessary to add that we must have other resources such as dye or fabric and from there create some furniture that can be used for our house in the pot of Serenitea.

     In this sense, knowing where to find Sandbearer Wood allows us to search for a necessary resource in the construction process in Genshin Impact, give it a try.

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