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Our work in Genshin Impact continues and this makes it interesting to explain how to get furniture and plans.

What is the purpose of obtaining furniture and blueprints in Genshin Impact?

  Undoubtedly, there is the opportunity of creating in this game, and it is not possible to ignore it, it is vital to get some objects that allow us to decorate our house, and in this way make it feel a cozy place, because the plans specifically usually have the ability to function to create a piece of furniture and from there we must get involved in the search for some resources to make it.

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    How to get furniture and plans in Genshin Impact?

    It is necessary to focus on getting some particular artifacts and this implies:


    •  Adeptal mirror: this is usually something similar to the so-called "adventurer's manual", it is necessary to take care of completing some missions that allow us to access objects and plans for construction, because we must open the mirror and for this it is necessary to be in the "Pot of Serenitea ”, we proceed to open it through the main menu just by clicking on the teapot icon.
    • Kingdom Deposit: Our tour leads us to speak with the blue bird Tubby, once this occurs we can access the kingdom deposit where we will see a table called "Furnishing Plans", here we are allowed to spend the kingdom currency for the plan that we choose.
    • NPCs: there are some NPCs that tend to sell blueprints, specifically we are allowed to buy three blueprints for 50,000 blackberry each and this can be obtained from Master Lu in the Qingce Villages.


     Once with the plans in our possession, it is necessary to proceed to give them their respective use, since they are usually kept in the inventory which leads to having to open it, once there we must locate the precious objects tab where we will click on the indicated use button at the bottom of the right side of our screen and that's it.

     Definitely, knowing how to obtain furniture and plans allows us to get interesting and much-needed resources in Genshin Impact, you should try it.

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