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2020-10-22 07:13:23

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Guide to learn where to find trips 100 meters on a witch's broom in Fortnite

  Halloween has finally taken place at Fortnite calling this game temporarily "Fortnitemares" now that everything is related to the horror celebration, this also includes the weekly challenges now that certain Halloween items have been added. One of these challenges requires players to "travel 100 meters on a witch's broom". Said item is quite difficult to find, which makes this challenge more difficult than necessary. But don't worry, in this guide we will tell you the location to find them and complete the challenge.
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Where to find 100 meter travel on a witch's broom in Fortnite?

The witch's brooms are scattered around the map, but unlike the other objects that you usually collect in chests, these brooms are in some barrels.

We have marked two on the map below, where you can easily find a witch's broom:

North of Lazy Lake - F5

West of Salty Springs - C4

The witch's hut found at Lazy Lake can be found just north of the named location on F5, near Gorgeous Gorge. You can get to the witch hut by following the lakeside path west of Lazy Lake.

The Salty Springs Witch Hut can be found west of the named location. You'll hear the characteristic cackle of witches and see the telltale Jack-o-Lanterns and Halloween decorations surrounding it as well.

When you're standing next to the barrel, you can hit the "Search" option to pull out a witch's broom or smash it with your combine so they fall off the ground.

Take the broom and add it to your inventory, then use the correct trigger to use it. This will see you fly through the air before landing on the witch's broom, you can now fly and quickly accumulate 100 meters just by flying in a straight line.

Stay on your broom until you see that the mission has been completed.

 Now that you know where to find 100 meter travel on a witch's broom in Fortnite you will be able to complete the special mission that the game brings for the celebration of Halloween. Luck!

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