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Guide to learn where to find the witch hut in Fortnite

  Everyone is on the lookout for the Halloween-themed update at Fortnite, but for players this only means two things: new props and special seasonal challenges. Among the challenges you will be desperate to complete one of it is about traveling one hundred meters on a witch's broom. To find the brooms, you will have to find out where the witches live and in this guide we will tell you where it is.
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    Where to find the witch hut in Fortnite?

    There are six Witch Huts locations across the map that you can choose from in Fortnitemares. You may need to return to these locations more than once to find a broom, so you will need to keep an eye on events around you.

    The locations of the witch huts are as follows:

    • South of Slurpy Swamp: The first Witch Shack is just south of Slurpy Swamp, a likely hiding place for a witch.
    • Northwest of Lazy Lake: Northwest of Lazy Lake, you can find another shack.
    • Southeast of Catty Corner: In the southeast corner of the map, beyond Catty Corner, you can find another Witch Shack with an ocean view.
    • West of Sweaty Sands: Head west of Sweaty Sands to find another Witch Shack.
    • North of the Doom domain: The most accessible location is north of the Doom domain. Look for the keg cauldron with the witch's broom.
    • West Salty Springs: The last location on our list is west of Salty Springs, and you can find the barrel with the witch's broom outside next to the creepy-looking tree. Look for a barrel with a witch's broom inside. You can interact with the barrel to make the mythical witch's broom drop.

    Once you have it, you can complete the 100-meter mission when you interact with it.

    • South of Slurpy Swamp
    • Northwest of Lazy Lake
    • Southeast of Catty Corner
    • West of Sweaty Sands
    • North of the Doom domain
    • West of Salty Springs
     Now that you know where to find the witch's hut in Fortnite, you can take this opportunity to complete the missions of this special Halloween edition that came to temporarily take over the game.

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