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2020-09-29 10:26:47

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If you want to understand Where the Musk Reef is in Genshin Impact, then you are in the right place to do it.

What to know about the musk reef in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary that we solve a puzzle to get to this secret island, where we will have a source of important minerals such as iron, there are also enemies here which must be faced, it is important to be in adventure rank 20 before coming to this Island, but it is still possible to explore, we must consider that reaching rank twenty will take a long time, but when we get to explore the domain this will help as a fast travel, so once we get the required level we will be able to return quickly Taking these aspects into account we want to know Where is musk reef and those details are presented below.

Where is Musk Reef at Genshin Impact?

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It is necessary that our trip to follow mushroom southwest of the Reef to Cabo Juramento, here we will find a puzzle that we must solve, when we reach that location we will pay attention to the sky, noting that there is a portal in the air of purple color, of It is not possible to reach this normal way, for this we have a circular stone structure and the enemies that are close to 3 statues, which we will do in focusing on the creatures that have a blue spirit, with similarities to a ghost, when Let's do it, we have to follow them until we reach the location of the statues, when we return them to these, a current will appear in the air in the center of the circular structure, the next thing we will do when we see this is with our glider we will fly to the sky to enter the portal, in this way we will reach the Musk Reef.

 So we finish our guide on Where is musk reef hoping that you can get the best out of Genshin Impact, a very busy game.

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