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2020-10-02 11:28:48

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Today we bring you a Guide to the Pity system, as this is an important task that we carry out at Genshin Impact.

What is the Pity system in Genshin Impact?

 This is simply a necessary method for our characters, weapons and some other necessary elements, as this works as a system that allows us to have gaps that are not very complicated and that can favor us in some way, since there are some occasions in which we can probably hitting our heads against a brick wall to achieve some number of casualties and it is precisely this system that will look for other more interesting possibilities.

 This system simply works as a lucky charm, since it allows us to have 5 guaranteed stars out of every 90 wishes, in an overview, however there is the option of having 4 guaranteed stars in 10 wishes, but it is not possible to trust us of this system, because as well as it has some favorable aspects it can also play against us and this leads us to constantly check, since it uses a countdown which simply may not make it so attractive.

 It is possible to get some drawbacks throughout this game, and it is even possible to get an interesting amount of characters, and 5-star weapons, but this to some extent does not represent some kind of improvement because if we start to see it is not As just as one would like, it ends up being an unbalanced system, we would only have to wait some time to see if this presents some type of improvement that is a bit more feasible, because definitely this Guide to the Pity system allows us to understand to what extent it can be or not be feasible to use it.
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What are the promotional character Wishes drop percentages in Genshin Impact?


  These are the normal wishes.

  •   5-star character or weapon: 0.6 percent
  • 4-star character or Weapon: 5.1 percent
  • 3-star weapon: 94.3 percent


  The Pity system can change them to:

  •   5-star character or weapon: 1.6 percent
  • 4 Star or weapon character: 13 percent
  • 3-star weapon: 85.4 percent


  This is all that we can tell you in this Guide to the Pity system, because to a certain extent it is feasible, to a certain extent it is not, however, it is possible that you yourself will consider what is convenient in Genshin Impact.

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