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We continue talking about Genshin Impact and this allows us to explain how to use Endora's ability to catch Oceanid's pet

What to know about using Endora's ability to catch Oceanid's pet in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary to understand that there are some number of Oceanid creatures that must be caught, in this sense, it is important to take charge of working on an event which includes completing the world mission "Life Flows On", this leads us to consider investigating the supply of water in the “Down Cellar”, in this sense, knowing how to use Endora's ability to catch Oceanid's pet, involves us in a task that is part of the challenges we achieve in this game, which in a way it has some peculiarity in relation to the others because the combat is more visible.

How to use Endora's ability to catch Oceanid's pet in Genshin Impact?

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    The task begins by investigating the water supply, this leads us to have to be in charge of defeating a group of slimes and from there we are presented with the opportunity to unlock the Endora, this is an intelligent creature, to the point that it has the possibility of asking us to help you discover the origin of the corruption of the water in Genshin Impact, this makes us embark and work on the event "Drops of desires", which allows us to have the chance of moving to some particular locations where it is possible to use the ability to spit bubbles, this ability is from Endora, this allows us to understand why water tends to turn bitter.

     This task that we usually carry out with Endora allows us to work on events similar to the previous ones where it is necessary to understand:

    • Exploration locations are typically unlocked every 24 hours.
    • Once we manage to complete a place, we are allowed to get a total of 60 primogems, heart of the source and 30,000 blackberries.

    To know how to use Endora's ability to catch Oceanid's pet it is necessary:

    • Equip "Inquisitive Endora" and this is usually done from the gadget menu.
    • Activate Endora by pressing Z on PC, L1 OR on PS4 / PS5, this allows us to activate the ability "Spit bubbles"
    • Endora's ability allows us to shoot a bubble to catch, because the longer we are allowed to maintain this ability, therefore the bubble will go further.
    • Once the Oceanid creature is hit with an Endora bubble, it will be captured immediately, regardless of the percentage of health it has.
    • The research percentage is usually increased for each creature captured with Endora's ability by Genshin Impact, which means reaching 100 percent.
    • Making use of the spring heart reward is viable after completing a daily investigation, as this allows us to claim rewards.

    This is everything you need to know about How to use Endora's ability to catch Oceanid's pet, this way you can dive in and get the most out of Genshin Impact.

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