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We have made for you a guide on How to unlock the two secret sundials, as it is a complex task in Genshin Impact.

At what level is it possible to unlock the two secret sundials in Genshin Impact?

  Knowing how to unlock the two secret sundials is a relevant activity that we can perform in an open world as this game presents to us, however, it is necessary to consider that this can only be done as soon as we manage to reach the minimum level 40, although it is true we are in an environment where it is full of achievements and secrets for these watches in particular, the road can become somewhat more complex.
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How to unlock the two secret sundials in Genshin Impact?

 Our first task is to move to the island that we can see being on the Starsnatch cliffs in Mondstadt, because it is here where one of the watches specifically the Ravage Carving is located, since it is necessary to interact with it to get a particular track, in this point it is necessary to have an amount of resistance that oscillates around 200, which simply leads us to keep enough food to consume while we go to the island where this first clock is.

 Our tour of the island allows us to move to the beach until we reach the rocks that are stacked, our job here is to crush them to get a note that we require, once with it it is time to return once more to where there is the sundial, in this sense it is ideal to achieve a time change for which it is necessary to locate the main options menu in Genshin Impact and proceed to change the time of day to 2 in the morning in such a way that, the next Necessary search can only be carried out between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.

 We continue in the task of knowing how to unlock the two secret sundials and this leads us to get some orbs, four to be specific, which are necessary to unlock the sundial, as this allows us to make use of our site elemental with which it is possible to observe 4 feathers located on the clock, so that it is possible to use some ability of Anemo or Venti's shot, because with this it is possible to locate and destroy the orbs only at the time mentioned above.

These are the places where these Anemo energy orbs are located.


  •  On a square rock that protrudes from the sea on the left side of the beach.
  • On the ruined wall protruding from the sea specifically behind the sundial.
  • Near the sundial at the top of the high pillar.
  • On a rounded rock that protrudes from the sea on the left side of the beach.


 Once we have managed to destroy all the Anemo energy orbs, it is necessary to locate ourselves in the center of the island to proceed to destroy the seal, because our task at this point is to get the monster to be free and our task here consists of making it fall to the ground through the use of arrows and blows that can be strong enough for it to fall, this causes a strong wind column to be produced, which allows you to choose to escape, in this sense we can make use of our glider and with it get to reach it to the temple of the wind.

 Once we are in the Wind Temple, it is necessary to continue our task to destroy four Anemo energy orbs, since this is vital to know how to unlock the two secret sundials, in addition to locating Henry Morton and talking to him, Once After all of this work has been done it is time to locate the Clue Shop Book. Now with the orbs already destroyed, it is possible to get the Eye of the Storm fighting assault and defeat him to talk with Henry and thus culminate our long but interesting search in Genshin Impact.

 This is all you need to know about how to unlock the two secret sundials, because it is a task where we will have to mobilize and eliminate Anemo energy orbs in Genshin Impact, in such a way that it makes us perform one of the many interesting searches in the game

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