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Find out about How to get Shivada Jade Silver in this excellent and explanatory Genshin Impact guide.

What is the Shivada Jade Silver in Genshin Impact?

It is a strange object that to get to this it is necessary to go through some bosses in the game, this will help us in the ascension of the characters, so it is important that we know how to obtain Shivada Jade Plata to get the most out of it, to we have the content of this guide and that comes next.

How to get Shivada Jade Silver in Genshin Impact?

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It is necessary that we defeat bosses like Cryo Regisvine and Wolf of the North, it is not easy to achieve, so an electro character can be useful in our group to be able to win safely, apart from that we require the Original Resins to get the Shivada Jade Plata, the heads are located in easy places and that we can find in our manual, now another possibility that will lead us to the same purpose is that we go to the souvenir shop that is in Mondstadt before taking it and making a change of 10 I am still quiet for this, these get us against the store, which is in the port of Liyue.

This article is necessary if we want the ascension of characters such as Qiqi, Chongyun and Keya, the multiple uses they can give is remarkable, only that ascension brings us the best benefits.

This is how we end our guide on How to get Shivada Jade Plata, hoping that you can get the best out of Genshin Impact, a fairly busy game.

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