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Our adventure for Genshin Impact is simply interesting and for this reason it is pertinent to tell you how to obtain silver diamond brighter

What is silver diamond in Genshin Impact for?

  This is simply one of the many resources with which we get here, it is in a very nice world in this game, only that it requires to reach at least level 15 of adventure rank, in addition, it is one of the necessary materials to achieve ascension of our character since it allows us to get him to become more formidable and therefore level up.
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    How to get brighter diamond silver in Genshin Impact?

      Our only and exceptional requirement to get them is to increase the adventure rank level, this leads us to have to place it at 15 for this element to appear in our inventory, for which it is necessary:


    •   Do some number of exploration activities.
    • Complete tasks.
    • Complete Arconic missions.
    • Discover the statues of the seven.
    • Open chests.
    • Complete the Domains.
    • Complete the teleportation points.
    • Complete daily missions that can give us 250 EXP.
    • Missions that can give us 400 EXP.

      This is all you need to know about how to get the brightest diamond silver, as it is nothing out of the ordinary, other than working hard on Genshin Impact.

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