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2021-01-27 22:03:15

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It is likely that if you are playing Genshin Impact, you want to know how to get boars, so here we will tell you how to find them.

What are boars in Genshin Impact?

Wild boars are part of the varied animal fauna that you can find in the game. In addition, they are one of the fastest ways to get raw meat and that is why today we will tell you how to get them.
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How to get boars in Genshin Impact?

One of the best places to find wild boar is near the Stormterror Lair in Mondstadt, also called the Boar Bell. To get here, you will have to head south of Brightcrown Canyon.

If you want to kill wild boars, you must bear in mind that they are very shy animals and they tend to run away if you kill one of their kind. So first of all, you will have to avoid getting too close so as not to scare him, we recommend using a character with a bow, and take advantage of the charged shots to kill several before they start running.

  That's all you have to know about how to get boars in Genshin Impact, if you want to know more ways to get raw meat, we already have a guide covering various ways to get raw meat that we recommend you review.

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