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2020-11-24 07:20:59

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The adventure in Genshin Impact does not stop and this leads us to tell you How to find Viktor's lost box

What is Viktor's lost box in Genshin Impact?

  This is simply a mission that we can do during this third phase of the Unreconciled Stars event, in such a way that we know how to find Viktor's lost box, so that we are involved in some interesting tasks and where the Possibilities of gaining experience necessary to reach a rank level by simply opting for primogems.
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How to find Viktor's lost box from Viktor in Genshin Impact?

 Our work begins when we manage to talk with the diplomat Fatui Viktor, who is in Mondstadt Cathedral and claims that he has lost a very important box while he was outside and was harassed by some Electro Slimes, to the point that he claims that they could having come into contact with the box so it could be possible that it had some elemental traces, which leads us to get involved in this search and that it claims to give us information about the falling meteorites, a task that can only be carried out out when we manage to finish the quest What Heaven Hides.

Our search leads us to make use of Viktor's Elemental Sight which allows us to have the possibility that a location that is relatively close to a teleportation point can be marked, so we get the box and return it to its owner with the hope of getting answers, however he has no idea why the meteorites fall, which could be somewhat disappointing, only that some rewards achieved may make it not look so bad at the end of everything, these rewards being those achieved:

  •  20 essence of Unknown Star.
  • 40 primogems.
  • 25,000 arrears.

In this sense, knowing how to find Viktor's lost box leads us to do an interesting search in Genshin Impact, especially since we are entering phase three of the unreconciled stars event.

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