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The tasks in Genshin Impact are simply phenomenal and this opens the way for us to tell you how to complete the Tianqiu Treasure Trail world mission.

What is the Tianqiu Treasure Trail Worldwide Mission at Genshin Impact about?

  This is one of the new missions added with the recent update, where it requires that we visit the port of Liyue to the adventurer's guild to speak with the NPC who is here named Lan, who will assign us this search that is denoted by a blue exclamation mark, which leads us to search for answer of How to complete Tianqiu Treasure Trail world mission and here below will be the details, let's see.

How to complete Tianqiu Treasure Trail world mission in Genshin Impact?

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    Once we talk with Lan we are going to discover that it is possible to find a treasure, then we have to go to the ruins of Dunyu, here upon arrival we will face some Hilichurls, managing to obtain the treasure map, which will take us to a new area To explore near the ruins, noting that the exact point is indicated with a red X for the path to follow, on our game map it will be displayed with a marked yellow circle.

     What we will do is go to the marked area, where we will find some scrolls on a stone slab next to a camp, once we interact we access some tracks, presenting a message that tells us a giant, flowering and exuberant tree, which It has a cache inside it, in the center, there are many steps to climb along the way, but we will descend later to find the treasure, the result is the marking of 3 new locations on the mini map, being necessary to explore these places, taking into account that if we see an arrow pointing downwards it is because we must dig to access a chest, when we get the 3 we only have to return with Lan to close the mission, for which we obtain 30,000 blackberries, 3 Heros Wit, and the parametric transformer as rewards.

    In general terms, knowing how to complete the world mission of Tianqiu Treasure Trail, allows us to make a loot in Genshin Impact.

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