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With our help you will see that knowing How to unlock all Gatekeepers in Gatekeeper is easier than you thought.

What to know about Gatekeepers in Gatekeeper?

You will then be able to destroy all alien life using various styles and outfits in Gatekeeper. This requires us to be aware of How to unlock all Gatekeepers in Gatekeeper and to help us we have this guide and its following content, let's see.

How to unlock all Gatekeepers in Gatekeeper?

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There are seven different guardians in total. These are the playable characters in Gatekeeper that we can choose from and experience throughout our career. Each one will have different abilities, giving us a unique play style that will allow us to survive the four guardian planets and their environments, the unlock for each one is as follows:

  • The Hybrid: is unlocked by default.
  • Nidum: is unlocked by default.
  • Pandora activates worship: This device will appear after completing 12 locations in normal mode and 10 rounds in the arena, completing the track in both modes and opening Pandora.
  • Stronghold: Find Rassvetnaya. Dawnbreaker can be found in the northernmost part of the Rune Forest, on the planet Aurora. This is the first planet we visit and, although each location is random, we can restart the race until we get there. Next, we use 10 Omni Stones to activate Death of Dawn and unlock Bastion.
  • Tech Hunter: We visited the planet Aurora twice in a single run. This can be achieved if we decide to continue our career by interacting with the Delegates after stage 12.
  • In total, the Middle Passage has 60 locations: Before we give up, it will be cumulative, meaning we can complete 60 positions in multiple series.
  • Echo: We activate the capsule with the Eco option. Echo is located in Barren Pool, on the planet Aridyun, the last planet of the race. We need to start every engine on stage. We will know we have activated the correct motor if it remains on.

While it is possible to unlock all the characters in one go, this requires surviving 60 locations, which is extremely difficult, but we will probably have to do it over several rounds. The mediator will probably be our last unlock. This is because each full 12-step course takes about 30 minutes to complete. Let's keep this in mind before we start wondering why it doesn't appear on the character select screen. If we collect Omni Stones, let's remember to use them to unlock new artifacts so that we have a better chance of surviving the races.

This is everything we need to know about How to unlock all Gatekeepers in Gatekeeper, you just have to apply the instructions to add important characters to our fun.

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