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We welcome you to our guide, in which we will tell you How to find Juju in Gatekeeper precisely.

What to know about Juju in Gatekeeper?

Different achievements in Gatekeeper will unlock different sets of artifacts, allowing us to add more powerful upgrades to our runs. One of those achievements was the search for Juju, which makes us want to know How to find Juju in Gatekeeper and to help us with the following content, let's see.

How to find Juju in Gatekeeper?

Juju can be found on the Ethereal Bridge of Celestia, the second planet we visited. When you appear, we will go north until we find a tree. Juju will sit under this tree. However, we must access it directly to enable it. By activating Juju, we will complete the "Find Juju" achievement and the artifact vault will be unlocked. There is only one artifact in this group of artifacts, appropriately named Juju.

Juju Artifact in Guardian

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If we go to the Trade Center, we will see an open Juju artifact warehouse and we can buy Juju with four Omni Stones. Juju is a talismanic item, so we will rarely see it while running. Like other amulets, it will summon a unit to help us in battle. has a 10% chance to be summoned when hit by an ability, that is, any attack that comes from a Guardian and not another Artifact. Once released, it will attack with 150% of our base damage and will recover to attack 10 enemies in a row if they are nearby. It will disappear after dealing damage. Each charge of the amulet increases our damage by 150%.

Although Juju is quite powerful, it cannot be compared to other amulet artifacts. The Hive Pendant, the artifact you start with, deals much more damage and has a higher chance to be summoned, although it kills enemies rather than hitting them. Juju is best used in combination with Gatekeepers with high firing rates like hybrids. On average, every 10 shots, a Juju appears and quickly attacks other enemies, helping us quickly reduce the health of swarms or powerful creatures. If we have a lower rate of fire, it is better to prioritize other talisman artifacts if the opportunity arises. Still, Juju is worth buying, especially if we are on the Ethereal Bridge.

In conclusion, being aware of How to find Juju in Gatekeeper is interesting because it allows us to add one of the many achievements to achieve in this very busy game.

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