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2019-08-15 21:24:27

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Learn with us the correct way to get floppy disks in RAD.

If you are a RAD fan you are probably interested in obtaining floppy disks, since they are quite rare and valuable goods. Therefore, we have brought for you a series of indications that will help you get floppy disks. So keep reading.

What are floppy disks in RAD?

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It is a means with which you can have access to more resources, in addition to being able to enter new parts of RAD, but not only that, you can also access healing objects that are locked in a chest, as long as you get the Disks needed to access the clear chest this. So they are quite valuable.

How to get floppy disks in RAD?

One way to obtain them is to explore the bottom of toxic pools (exposing your health) or for sale at vendor's stalls for a tiny amount of tapes. To obtain them, you must look for squares that contain a circular hole in the middle, in this way you will get some discs.

This way you can get floppy disks in RAD. So good luck!

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