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2022-09-30 10:39:14

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Today, we bring you a guide on How to play a partisan in Foxhole.

What to know about partisan in Foxhole?

  They are infiltrated operators who get into the back line of an enemy looking to stop resupply attempts, in order to cause interference in logistics, causing problems for the opposing faction, now looking to know how to play a partisan in Foxhole we have to pay attention to the details of the following content.

How to play a partisan in Foxhole?

  It is necessary to find the right weapon that will lead us to victory, in terms of How to play a partisan in Foxhole we must have a specific loadout to be equipped correctly and for this the following:
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In the Foxhole universe we have many tasks, one of them leads us to know how to use healing items in Foxhole and the details are presented here.

Minimum of 4 magazines for the main weapon

 We have to eliminate the Logi worker, as long as we have the elements in the inventory we will become very slow and therefore we carry the following:
  •  Bandages: with a couple of these in the first aid kit we have to be able to heal any wound, only we have to avoid blood loss that can lead to death.
  • Binoculars: with these we have to on How to play a partisan in Foxhole we will cover visual distances, exploring the terrain and what the enemy has.
  • Smoke grenades: with this we can limit the enemy's vision, only we must use them at the right moment, dodging with these defenses and squads.
  • Satchel Charges: These are very important, which allows us to destroy enemy structures, a single arrival has required 5 charges to destroy, in this case the level 3 town hall, doing significant damage to the enemy's morality.


 fill a squad

 Entering the enemy territory alone will not lead to anything, as for How to play a partisan in Foxhole it would have to be very appropriate to add players with us to be covered by fire, medical support, intelligence reports and even fortifications, it is important count on this with 2 riflemen, 1 doctor, 1 anti-armor soldier and 1 specialist in heavy weapons, maintaining contact with our factions of the supplies that we are using, we must weaken for the assault to have this war in our favor, now the anti-armor It can be driven by any player, switching from response-ready vehicle to armor to protect the entire squad, in the case of the heavy weapon specialist dealing heavy damage to firearms using high-speed, high-impact projectiles.


 Choosing vehicles for operations

 We are presented with a couple of options regarding How to play a partisan in Foxhole, these being the following:


  •  Light utility vehicle: among the highlights are this type of vehicle, regardless of whether they are off the road, they allow us to pass the checkpoints before the AI ​​defenses fall on us with fire, we have 9 spaces to have backpacks, fuel and supplies, the disadvantage to consider is that this vehicle is classified as a watchtower, we have to be careful with the second little monkey that sends information from the faction.
  • Enemy vehicles: it is possible that with the use of the wrench we will be able to unlock the enemy vehicles, adding important advantages to this, because they will be able to identify us instantly, it is opportune to use the trucks that are more suitable to do so, eliminating the driver to take it to our base and finish it off with our reinforced factions.

 Finally, now that we know how to play a partisan in Foxhole we can move on with our progress.

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