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Today we bring a guide where we will tell you what the All Star Gallery Rewards are in FIFA 23 FUT Moments.

What are All Star Gallery Rewards in FIFA 23 FUT Moments?

  These are a series of packages that we are allowed to get in this game, for free and that are part of Moments, which is nothing more than an Ultimate Team game mode, this makes it necessary to embark on the completion of challenges with our squad and manage to earn a good amount of FUT stars, these in turn can be spent on the rewards.

  It should be noted that there are two sets of rewards to choose from within the Star Gallery and they are:


  •   Explore: It usually appears as if it stays the same all year.
  • Season - Seems to be set to update every game season.


What are the All Star Gallery Rewards in FIFA 23 FUT Moments?

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In the following list we leave the rewards and the amount of FUT stars that they usually cost us.

In the case of Explore we will get:

  •  Gold Pack (12 Items, 1 Rare) – 12 FUT Stars
  • Premium Gold Pack (12 Items, 3 Rare) – 16 FUT Stars


 In the case of season:


  •  3x Kylian Mbappe (Credit) – 0 FUT Stars each
  • 1 Welcome Pack (12 Gold Items, 3 Rare) – 3 FUT Stars each
  • 3x Gold Contracts Pack (4 Contracts) – 3 FUT Stars each
  • Ted Lasso Manager Article: FUT 4 Stars
  • Trainer Beard Manager Item – 4 FUT Stars
  • 3x Gold Players Pack (12 players, 1 rare) – 20 FUT Stars each
  • 3x Ultimate Draft Token Pack (1 Draft Token) – 24 FUT Stars each
  • 3x Rare Consumables Pack (12 consumables, all rare) - 24 FUT Stars each
  • 1x 81-83 Qualified Rare Players Pack (1 Rare Player 81-83 OVR) - 40 FUT Stars
  • 1x Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack (24 Gold Players, 7 Rare) – 64 FUT Stars.


 It is good to know that to obtain the rewards it is necessary to:


  •  Enter Moments mode from the Ultimate Team menus.
  • Proceed to select the purple Star Gallery tile on the left side of the next screen.
  • Next, we select the reward we want to buy with our FUT stars and press A.
  • We proceed to confirm the choice by having the required stars and the game usually redeems the reward that will go to the opening scene of the package.


 This is everything we know about the All Star Gallery Rewards in FIFA 23 FUT Moments, so just follow the instructions given here.

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