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We have created a guide in order to tell you how to use Rocket League’s octane in Fortnite.

  What does it mean to use Rocket League’s octane in Fortnite?

  Taking care of applying a series of mechanics and features that are usually present in Rocket League to make the challenges in this season even more interesting than they have been up to now, this allows us to have the ability to crossover games and This way you will have more experience.

How to use Rocket League’s octane in Fortnite?

  We must get the Rocket League Fortnite map code and this makes it necessary to enter the code: 7335-2078-5523.

  To play on the map it is necessary to take into account:
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  • Launch Fortnite Battle Royale and resin the Change Game Mode boxes above play.
  • Then, we will go to the Island Code tab and enter the code 7335-2078-5523 in the respective box.
  • We will see that a Rocket League Octane Park tutorial appears where we can test the Octaned in tunnels, ramps or loops.
  • There are some devices, the Rocket Boost, which are usually used to recharge the Boost Meter.
  • There are a variety of accessories that could well be used to take Rocket League into some creative Fortnite idla.


  Playing Rocket League in Fortnite implies having the codes that are:

  •   1v1 version: 6741-7927-4171
  • 3v3 version: 8310-0861-6739


  Now that you know how to use Rocket League’s Octane in Fortnite, you can enjoy this game and get as much out of it as possible.

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