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Guide to know where to find dirty springs in Fortnite

  The new season of Fortnite has brought changes from the smallest to the most significant that has undoubtedly changed the rules of the game for certain activities. Among those changes is the Time Trial race at Dirty Docks.

Still, the changes are not that difficult to assimilate, so knowing where to find dirty springs in the game is easier than you think, and we'll show you in this guide.
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    Where to find dirty springs in Fortnite?

    As we mentioned before, the new season brought many changes, that includes the locations of certain places in the game. In the case of dirty docks they must go to the water northeast of Retail Row. In fact, said quay almost submerged in the water that characterizes the map, this with only a few orange cranes and other smaller structures that rise above the surface of the water.

    Once you get to the right place, you should look for a light blue timer placed in the water near the above mentioned cranes. When you get close to that timer, it will automatically activate the time trial, which will indicate that you will have started one of the challenges of the week: The Aquaman Challenge, which is basically about swimming through all the circles that appear on the water before that time is running out.

    If you don't win the first time it's normal, you can try again if you wish to get the Aquaman-themed prize.

    All of these weekly challenges will take you to places like Salty Springs, Holly Hedges, and more, and completing them is a great way to earn XP for the Season 3 Battle Pass.

    Another fact to take into account the challenges of this week is that it has been detected that one of them is out of "service" because for some players it has failures, so it is recommended to avoid it while Epic Games is in charge of fixing it.

     Now that you know where to find dirty docks in Fortnite you can complete another weekly mission of the popular game and thus earn experience points. Luck!

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