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Fortnite: Where to find all Xp Coin in Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 10 XP

2020-10-30 08:17:46

Guide to learn where to find all Xp coins in Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 10 of Fortnite

  As is the tradition of the game, every week the coins are relocated in different places around the Fortnite map, so in this week 10 we will tell you where you can find them again in their respective new locations.

To jog your memory a bit Green coins are worth 5000 XP, blue coins are worth 6500 XP, and purple coins are divided into many smaller coins, but if you grab them all they are worth 10,300 XP in total.

Where to find all Xp coins in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 10?

This week there are two purple, four green, three blue, and two gold XP coins to collect. As always, the blue coins are hidden in objects that you will have to crush if you want to get them.

  • Blue Coin 1: The first coin can be found on the beach near the strange hanging boat dock south of the Ruins. It hides in a water dispenser inside the building.
  • Blue Coin 2: This coin can be found in Lazy Lake. She's on a chair in the basement of the last house north of town.
  • Blue Coin 3: It can be found in the big house on the hill in Camp Cod, go up the stairs to find it.

Regarding this week's XP Gold coins, it can be said that they were located in the Doom Domain Vault (you will need Doom's access card to open it) and in the Sentinel Cemetery near Lazy Lake.

If you can't capture all of them then don't worry because as we have mentioned these are relocated weekly and we take care of tracking it for you.

 Now that you know where to find all the Xp coins in Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 10 of Fortnite you can have a clearer view of the path you can create once you start the game without wasting so much time. Luck!

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