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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-30 15:11:59

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Guide to learn how to get the Bobo Back Bling in Fortnite

 The Halloween special event is in force in the popular game Fortnite or better said "Fortnitemares" as they decided to call it. As we have talked about in other articles, there are a lot of special challenges where you will have to interact with the new objects that were added to it, such as barrels, witch brooms and even let yourself die to become a ghost. Incredible! But there is a challenge to get a shiny accessory from Bobo that is the scariest of all and just like you and many other players will want to know how to get the Bobo Back Bling in it. Well, don't worry! In this Guide we will tell you how to achieve such a find while the event is in force.

How to get the Bobo Back Bling in Fortnite?

The Bobo Back Bling turns out to be a back bling type item, usually something that players have to buy with V-bucks, a Fortnite coin that usually costs real money. However, Bobo Back Bling can be earned by completing just one Fortnitemares challenge: consume the legendary loot as a shadow. While that may seem like a difficult challenge, there are a few things players can do to make completing this daunting challenge that much easier.
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become a shadow in Fortnite

First, players should know how to become a Fortnite, if they don't we have a guide talking about it. On the other hand, Midas has returned from beyond the grave as a ghost, and any player who turns into a Shadow while playing joins her cause to eliminate the rest of the fighters still living.

When they have become a shadow you can go to your destination to complete the challenge.

On the way to completing the challenge

While the "Consume Legendary Loot as a Shadow" challenge was created primarily to be done as a squad, you are free to do it only if you wish. If any player in the squad finishes the challenge, all of their squadmates will also get Bob's glow for free. You will see that your companions can catch it simply by being in a group with someone who finishes the challenge.

However, if a Fortnite player wants to complete the challenge on their own instead of waiting for someone else to do it, there are a few steps they can take to complete it quickly.

First, players want to go to one of the places with lots of fishing spots and poles, like Camp Cod, Slurpy Swamp, or Coral Castle. After finding a good place to fish, collect some building materials, such as lumber.

The next step shows us that it is time to go fishing with fishing rods or harpoons. Legendary drop rate while fishing is higher than just running around the map and hoping to find something good. Legendary Fish, Thermal Fish, Items, and Weapons count toward this challenge, so keep fishing until you get something that qualifies.

This is where the collected materials come in handy as well as making sense of everything to become a Shadow and eat the legendary loot. Once they are ghosts they must build a tower high enough to jump and dying should be pretty easy. So put the legendary loot in a safe place and build up.

Once dead, players can transform into a shadow and find their legendary stash again. Consume the loot, then shout around the Fortnite map to detect players still alive to have fun while completing the match, all this to understand how to get the Bobo Back Bling having to perform various tasks.

 Now that you know how to get the Bobo Back Bling in Fortnite you can get a most valuable accessory, since most likely after the event, you will never be able to have it (unless they add it to the store of course). Luck!

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