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Angel Marquez
2020-07-23 16:05:02

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With our Fortnite guide you will learn more about the Coral Companions Secret Mission of the Stone Age.

What to know about the coral companions Secret Mission of the Stone Age in Fortnite?

This is one of the recent challenges to complete on this occasion, which consists of 2 parts and allows the possibility of obtaining 50,000 XP, this comes with the recent update, where we must focus on solving the plot of the coral companions Secret mission of the Stone Age, if we have doubts it is ideal that we follow the content of this guide in which its purpose is to help us complete the tasks that this challenge requires, let's see the following content.
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What to do in the coral companions challenge Secret Mission of the Stone Age in Fortnite?

We need to go to the coral island, which is located in square B1 of the map, west of the lockie lighthouse and north of the giant whirlpool, is what we initially have to do in the secret challenge, being in this location it is necessary to find the collection of stone slabs, you will arrive at a monument where it is necessary to offer 300 stones, a part of the challenge puts us to help the coral companions to carry out the construction of a pyramid, for this they must learn to do stones, which we will win 25000 XP, resulting in along the border of this kingdom 3 new monuments that represent the second part of this plot that has for us the present challenge.

Entering as the second part of the coral companions challenge Secret Mission of the Stone Age, we have that there are 3 monuments, which are 3 statues of sphinxes, we must consider the difficulty that it is possible to go through due to the storm looming at Fortnite, we need to go to 3 different locations, the first is at the base of the lockie lighthouse, while the other two are just northeast of the giant whirlpool and to the east of this whirlpool are the slabs of stones, what we are going to do is use our beak to transform them into a sphinx, by getting the construction of the 3 statues we will be able to obtain the achievement the Riddle of the Sphinx and also 25000 XP, they are certainly secret places but the challenges In themselves they do not represent greater difficulty in completing them.

 This is all there is to know about the Coral Companions Secret Mission of the Stone Age, hoping it will be useful to complete one more of the interesting challenges that we find in Fortnite.

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