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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-12-03 13:39:37

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Guide to learn how to bury yourself in the sand and travel underground in Fortnite

  Finally, Season 5 arrived and therefore that means a new map and new prizes, activities, and appearances to unlock. One of them is the ability to move under the sand. If you want to get this movement and avoid being discovered in the morning, we bring you this guide to explain it step by step. Read on to find out the details!
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How to bury yourself in the sand and travel underground in Fortnite?

While the new skill added to the game allows you to be more discreet in your game, you are also a bit quicker while moving under the sand and can sneak past enemies without them knowing you were ever there, unless they have a good eye. But the best thing about using this ability is that your enemies will have to strain to kill you.

While it is quite simple to do, it is not immediately obvious and is not taught to you at any point.

To bury in the sand is quite simple, you just have to stay still long enough. After about five seconds without moving, your character will sink to the ground and form a dome on the surface. If you move while you are still, the process will restart and you will have the same time to complete.

Once you see what's in the screenshot above, you can travel underground by moving normally. You will be a little faster than usual and the sand dome will move, indicating where you are.

Then to get out of the arena, just press X if you're on PlayStation (A on Xbox) to jump. You will then be able to attack an enemy if you have sneaked up on it.

 Now that you know how to bury yourself in the sand and travel underground in Fortnite you can stay hidden from your enemies during the battlefield so don't waste this opportunity. Luck!

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