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2021-11-18 10:23:42

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In the Fortnite universe, we have many tasks, one of them is how to tame wildlife with the hunter's cloak in season 8.

What to know about Fortnite?

We are facing a set of missions and those related to Kakashin lead us to have to tame wildlife with the hunter's cloak, we will do this for 4 animals to take their meat, when this hunt is completed we have to access the inventory To make the pieces of meat, to be aware it is opportune to see the details that are presented below.

How to tame wildlife with the hunter's cape in season 8 in Fortnite?

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We have to consider some meeting points with wild animals in the game, we must go to these places in order to eliminate 4 animals so that the hunter's cape can be created, in these places we can find chickens, wild boars and wolves, let's look at the following locations:

  • We got that south of the believers beach close to the shattered saucer
  • North of Pleasant Park, what was once POI Stealthy Stronghold
  • Heading east of Pleasant Park, very close to the Blue Steel Bridge and Grumpy Gravel
  • Heading west of Corny Crops near Cap'n Carp Delivery Truck
  • You have to go east of the convergence, very close to the dust deposit and as a reference the Oscar base
  • They are also west of Misty Meadows, very close to the base made for reference
  • To the south of Retail Row around the base camp motel with Catty Corner reference
  • Finally, west of Dirty Docks, near Canoe Lake and having Brutus Basin as a reference

We hope that the information detailed here on how to tame wildlife with the Hunter's Cloak in Season 8 has been very useful for your progress and fun in Fortnite.

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