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Angel Marquez
2020-09-09 17:27:15

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If you want to know how to run faster than other players in Fortnite, you are in the right place because we will cover what you need.

What to know about running faster in Fortnite?

There is a lot of new content with the recent update, but there is also a cheat which will allow us to run faster than other players, certainly there are important changes in weapons, maps and abilities, so this new season is very complete, throughout In the game we have witnessed that the speed has always been at a standard pace, certainly with the cars we move quickly but normally it is not like that, now we will have an advantage if we understand how to run faster than other players and for that reason the content of this guide focuses on detailed stories, to see them we just have to continue reading, we must do it then below.
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How to run faster than other players in Fortnite?

It is necessary that we have 2 key articles, it is a spicy fish and a pepper, both will take care of giving us the same effect, it is possible for a brief moment to achieve an increase in speed when healing with spices, but the effects will go away. accumulating, it is necessary that with a fishing rod and with good luck we get the Rare Spicy fish, this is possible anywhere on the map, by consuming it we will be able to be faster than before, the effect is such that tests were carried out starting from a point A to B where it normally took 14 seconds but by consuming this reinforcement 4 seconds were gained, but a better advantage was obtained by consuming both items since the time it took to travel was reduced by half, achieving it in 7 seconds, in this way we will be able to run faster than other players, something easy to find and apply to achieve a great increase in our speed.

In this way we have completed our Fortnite guide, thus managing to understand how to run faster than other players, having the improvements to improve our performance and fun, it only remains to apply what we have learned.

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