Lidia Rozo
2020-11-27 11:31:26

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The Fortnite universe brings us many interesting activities, and that is why today we explain how to release sip into the atmosphere

What is sip in Fortnite?

This is simply an object that you present in this week of season 2 and that makes us have to release it into the atmosphere, as it is part of the weekly challenges to solve, but therefore it is ideal to be careful to execute it because this game it is usually specific enough about the sources of that object.

How to release sip to atmosphere in Fortnite?

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The sip barrels are the elements that we need to locate, so this leads us to have to break them with our harvesting tool, only that before doing this activity it is necessary to understand that if we break them it is not possible to get more in all three first levels of the challenge, so before doing so let's meditate first, on the other hand the place where these are found is Slurpy Swamp, choosing to break the first large barrel will take us to level 4, after that there is the next container, only that this does not usually count for anything, so this makes us have to mobilize until we get a parked slurp truck that can be broken on the red metal bridge.

Definitely, Fortnite has been in charge of keeping us attentive every week, so knowing how to release sip into the atmosphere is simply another of the necessary tasks to perform in this game, give it a try.

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