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The universe of Fortnite is wide enough and this makes it necessary to explain how to harvest a wolf tusk, a wild boar tusk and three feathers.

What does it take to harvest a wolf tusk, a boar tusk, and three feathers in Fortnite?

 Just entering a challenge where it is necessary to take charge of getting three particular creatures, which implies having to mobilize ourselves to certain particular places, for this it is necessary to have a good amount of patience, it is also a type of task that can only be done later having collected the "Cult Talisman" and having recovered the "Cult Artifact".

How to harvest a wolf tusk, a boar tusk and three chicken feathers in Fortnite?

 To carry out this search it is necessary to choose to approach the pens and the fields at the Colossal Crops end, because on these sides it is possible to see some animals, in the pens specifically it is necessary to take care of eliminating the chickens and in this way get the feathers, On the other hand, in the open fields we get the wild boars, from these it is necessary to remove the tusks, the idea is to get all these resources to fall, and in this way to shape our main objective.
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However, the most complex task with which we achieve is the search for wolf tusks, so knowing how to harvest a wolf tusk, a wild boar tusk and three feathers, makes us work hard, especially in the case Of the wolves the task is twofold, because these are elusive creatures, to look for them, it is necessary to mobilize close enough to Cluck's house east of Weeping Woods, we must also take care of activating the visualization of the sound effects in order to travel throughout the area where the herd is, here there is the possibility of using some NPCs in order to complete this task and thus get access to the next Spire challenge, because season 6 of this game has a lot of content for us.

 Now, with the objects obtained, it is necessary to choose to return to Colossal Crops with Raz, only this makes us have to complete other activities that usually occur in 5 specific rare missions and from there choose to put on the costume, in addition to ordering ourselves of hitting three resonant crystals on the Spire in order to get them to mark the end of the tasks available for now.

 In this sense, knowing how to harvest a wolf tusk, a wild boar tusk and three feathers allows us to work constantly and with patience in Fortnite, because here the challenges tend to occur constantly.

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