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The Fortnite universe is no stranger to mistakes, let's see How to fix a IP Banned.

What is a IP Banned in Fortnite?

Before knowing how to solve a IP Banned it is necessary to be clear exactly what it is, and it is that this is nothing more than a prohibition that we find and that it can really be quite annoying and discouraging, since it indicates that we have violated the terms of the service of the game, this really is quite tedious because they seek to identify us thanks to our IP address, they specifically identify our device.

Knowing how to solve a IP Banned is simply vital here, since we are faced with the possibility of not being able to play Fortnite anymore since they can identify our IP anywhere and block us, because supposedly we have violated in the terms of Fortnite, because everything points to that This problem leads to Epic Gmaes directly blocking our IP address but allowing us to access the Fortnite servers, which makes it quite contradictory.
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    How to fix a IP Banned with a VPN in Fortnite?

    Epic Games has the possibility to identify each player through the IP address and block them when they consider that they have violated the terms, preventing us from accessing the game's servers, but the strangest thing about all this is that only this prohibition has The individual players have been seen, because this makes the so-called Geoblock only for some players and some regions specifically, which makes it somewhat demeaning.

    VPNs offer us a number of features that we can simply adapt to avoid geoblocks, since this simply allows us to change the IP address protecting our device, as well as the possibility of avoiding some viruses, since it has an antivirus feature called NordVPN that allows us to protects from Malware attacks.

    These are the characteristics of a VPN.

    • The ability to bypass a ban by changing our IP address when connecting to the VPN server.
    • It offers quite formidable encryption online.
    • It prevents third parties from knowing our IP address.
    • We avoid being spied on while browsing.

    How to avoid Banning Fortnite with a VPN?

    Our task is to find out how to solve a IP Banned, and for this we have proposed a series of steps that allow us to achieve it, doing the following:

    The ability to choose a top-notch VPN.

    Our first objective should be to choose a first-class VPN that allows us to have high levels of security and unlimited broadband, so as not to suffer any type of delay in Fortnite, since remember that with it we have the possibility of changing our IP address, So the ideal of having NordVPN, it simply has the wrong standards for security.

    The need to install the VPN on our device.

    Now that we know the characteristics of NordVPN it is time to install it on our device, remember that our goal is to know how to solve a IP Banned and this VPN is like a finger to us, so since it is not as easy as it seems you have to go to the site web and proceed to select a plan, then proceed to enter the payment method, download and install the software, this is quite simple and offers us a one-month warranty if they do not work, they return the money, but this hardly happens.

    The connection to the server.

     One of the greatest advantages that a VPN can offer us is the possibility of connecting to a server in any region, so as soon as we have installed our VPN it is time to connect, and thus overcome the ban on Fortnite, rather Epic Games and proceed to:

    • Open the app.
    • Check available servers in the left pane.
    • Select the country, region and city.

    This previous solution allows us to answer our question about How to fix a IP Banned, but not only can the problem occur with the IP, sometimes Fortnite is a little more drastic and attacks our user, so it is necessary to take measures , Because this game can do everything possible to make our lives a little more complicated, and prohibit the user, but since in this life everything has a solution we only dedicate ourselves to changing our username, the only thing wrong with the process is that we lose everything what we have achieved, all the articles, but in reality this user ban only occurs in very few cases, so we would be very unfortunate if we were at this point.

    The beginning in Fortnite?

    Now that we have installed NordVPN it is time to start playing, since we can comfortably access all the content that is geo-restricted, participate in multiplayer games, the possibility of being well protected, as this VPN is simply present in 60 countries and has with at least 2500 servers.

    Knowing how to solve a IP Banned has allowed us to experience other things and with specific relation to the VPN it is ideal to comment that this allows simultaneous connections of devices with a single account which makes it an excellent advantage and although this may slow down our Online gaming experience, simply has many favorable aspects that will make us forget about the slightest disadvantage.

     In this sense and now that you know how to fix a IP Banned it is time to apply the VPN and enjoy all the benefits that it brings, to the point that playing Fortnite can become the best lived experience.

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