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2020-12-11 07:37:03

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Guide to learn how to find car parts in Fortnite

  Fortnite is currently in Chapter 2 of Season 5 so far and as usual every week they are responsible for leaving activities to distract us as much as we can and thus get battle passes. One of the things you have to do in the week as a challenge is to figure out How to find car parts in the game, at least three of them in total. That said, we will help you to achieve this task. Come now!

How to find car parts in Fortnite?

Without making a long story short, here we tell you the location of each piece to find:

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First piece

You can find the first car part in compact cars, near the back wall, slightly to the right of the main entrance.

Second piece

The second part of the car is also found in compact cars, right next to the chain link fence, as shown above.

Third Piece

The third but most tedious to find is hidden in Dirty Docks, in a blue container that is only partially open. You can see all the locations in the video above.

  Now that you know how to find car parts in Fortnite, you will have to move quickly if you want to complete all the challenges they placed this week and thus obtain the much desired battle passes. Luck!

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