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Angel Marquez
2020-09-25 14:06:36

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The action in Fortnite does not stop so we come to explain how to destroy Gorgers.

What to know about the Gorgers in Fortnite?

  These appear as a result of update 14.10, which also brought with it the Stark industries and the Galactus Drones, we have to destroy Gorger we will have two possibilities, if we want to add more experience we have this challenge before us for week 5, now for help us we will have the explanatory support of this guide and that its focus is on How to destroy Gorgers, let's see what we find.
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How to destroy Gorgers in Fortnite?

 We have to locate the Gorger first, considering that they are not reflected on the map, for this it is necessary that we use the parachute when we are falling and see a red ray from the heights, being the indicative of the appearance of a Gorger in said visualized place, Now these are large drones, to destroy them we must consider that common weapons do not affect them, but it does not mean that they will fall on us, there is a yellow spot that we must aim at and it is located on the inside of the drone or also to the yellow eye that is in the upper part, a fact to pay attention to is the gatherers that it generates, since we can shoot them down and use it against the Gorger as a weapon.

 The damage that we will cause with this weapon is total, the only option is this and it will be very effective, it is also ideal to understand that it is a team challenge and we will complete the challenge as long as we destroy the Gorgers, something else to highlight is the reward that we will receive, it is about 50,000 XP for our battle pass, there are certainly more challenges available this week but this one is very well rewarded once we have completed it.

 This is how we end our guide on How to destroy Gorgers, hoping that you can get the best out of Fortnite, a fairly busy game.

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