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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-17 16:29:59

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We are still talking about Fortnite, and therefore it is convenient to explain how to make a hunter cape in season 6

What is the Hunter's cloak in Fortnite Season 6?

  This is simply a new object with which we get this season and that usually lends us a fantastic utility, because getting it is not a very complex matter, and it will only be enough to get some materials, it is also a vital element in the case of hunting. Of some animals because we must take care to be stealthy.

How to craft a Hunter Cloak in Season 6 in Fortnite?

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Before embarking on this creation process, it is usually necessary to inform us about what this cape does, as it is ideal to prevent animals from approaching us which means that they are not usually hostile to us, it is an excellent outfit especially when we meet wolves.

 Now, to create this hunter cape it is necessary to have some resources, these are:

  •  2 bones.
  • 1 animal meat.

To obtain these resources it is necessary to carry out some hunting work, since wild animals such as wolves that can be found in the “Cats Corner, there are also in the“ Weeping Forest ”“ or wild boars that are usually found in the “Weeping Forest”, these are excellent specimens.

 The manufacturing process leads us to:

  •  Go to the creation menu.
  • Click on the "Crafting" tab.
  • Then we will click on "Craft" in the hunter layer in order to create it.

 Definitely, knowing how to make a hunter cape in season 6 allows us to have the possibility of getting a necessary outfit to continue our work in this season 6 in Fortnite.

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