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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-17 16:20:58

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Fortnite has many activities for us and that is why today we are going to tell you how to investigate an anomaly detected in Lazy Lake

What is the purpose of investigating the anomaly detected at Lazy Lake at Fortnite?

 It simply allows us to have the possibility of embarking on a small challenge, where we are given the possibility of solving a puzzle, because, like other anomalies, we are faced with the possibility of carrying out some follow-up tasks that will lead us to this anomaly, considering which will not be the only one existing this season.

How to investigate an anomaly detected in Lazy Lake in Fortnite?

 Our task begins when we go to the southeast quadrant of the map, Lazy Lake, we have an interesting advantage and that is that we can go to this place when we consider it necessary, as soon as we manage to move to the northwest corner of the area, we are presented with the possibility of seeing a house that is marked with the number "2", we must immediately enter the place where we will observe a butterfly, and it will begin to move down through some stairs, following it will take us to a basement where it will disappear, but therefore We will continue working, and we must take care of breaking a blue wall that allows us to access a secret room, to do so we simply must use the tools of the harvest.

 Knowing how to investigate an anomaly detected in Lazy Lake leads us to find a wooden box in the secret room, in addition to glass, because simply this is nothing more than a puzzle that we must solve in order to progress, for which we must be so orderly as possible in its resolution, and it is nothing more than an activity that occurs in this way:
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  • We must place the circular jewel in front of the wall that we have just crossed.
  • We continue and place the jewel that has a teardrop shape exactly in front of the first jewel.
  • Then we place the jewel that has the shape of a shield on the right side of the box starting from the location when looking from the entrance.
  • Finally, we place the square jewel in front of the location of the third.

  With this way of placing the jewels we manage to activate them and when we do so we observe a briefcase in the center, we take care of jumping on it to interact with it and in doing so we receive information that is clearly related to the fact that we have already completed this challenge, so we do not there is more to do than direct ourselves in the execution of other activities because there are enough pending, the season has just started.

  In this sense, knowing how to investigate an anomaly detected in Lazy Lake allows us to put together a puzzle and in this way continue the tasks in Fortnite, good luck.

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