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2020-12-28 11:47:53

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Guide to learn how to Collect a Tomato Basket from a Nearby Farm in Fortnite

  How many already know Fortnite is going through Chapter 2 of Season 5 so challenges and updates in the game are the order of the day. Those challenges include actions such as taking down opponents' structures with X-4 Stormwings as well as having to collect a basket of tomatoes from a farm which is not surprising, since Epic Games had previously launched challenges related to tomatoes.

That said, the locations for both the baskets and the tomatoes are diverse, so in this guide we will tell you how to collect a basket of tomatoes from a nearby farm among other concepts so that you can complete the challenge perfectly. Go for it!
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How to Collect a Tomato Basket from a Nearby Farm in Fortnite?

There are about three different locations to find the tomato baskets, so we will mention them with their respective location and in this way you can choose the best one that suits you in the game. Then we will tell you:

  • The first basket of tomatoes that we can find is located in the red farm, just behind the huge tomato-headed tent. Pass the tent and head towards the edge of the arena. Look for a huge red building with a gray roof and if you go up to the top floor you can find it.
  • For the second basket you must go right behind the red building above, there you will find one of the Christmas trees in which they had to dance for last week's Fortnite challenges. Just beyond the tree is a large farmhouse with huge front porches. This house is light blue with a gray roof. Inside said house you will find the basket at the back right of the house on the first floor, in the kitchen area, beyond the dining room.
  • The third location players can find a basket of tomatoes is to the east of the other two. It is an isolated red house on a hill, almost surrounded by rivers. Look east from the edge of the desert, towards the ocean and inside the kitchen on the first floor of this house is the third basket.

As we mentioned before, you can choose the basket that best suits you and how you only need one to complete it and thus earn a good reward for it.

 Now that you know how to Collect a Tomato Basket from a Nearby Farm in Fortnite you can complete one of the most important missions of the week and thus secure a battle pass in the game. Luck!

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